Gallery Momo in Jozi

Photo copyright Gallery Momo

Gallery MOMO is a contemporary art gallery in the heart of Parktown, Johannesburg, that invites art enthusiasts into another world. This is a world where time is fluid and space moves with the pace of life, allowing viewers to take in more than just colours and textures. Rather, Gallery MOMO is an experience in itself.

This gallery was established in 2002, and is the passion and brainchild of Monna Mokoena, a successful art dealer. The residential home has been converted into an area that challenges our concept of what a home or gallery should be. Rather, its design and layout has an active effect on the visitors. It is as if moving from one room or space to another causes an internal change and growth, no matter how slight.

The design is minimalist, leaving little else to appreciate but the various art pieces around the gallery.

The artists featured at Gallery MOMO range from internationally acclaimed names to local creatives that are just starting out in the dynamic South African art scene. These ones explore various genres and use different media to express themselves and delve into the recesses of their minds. Visitors to Gallery MOMO thus have the opportunity to explore their own context, ideas and interpretations; getting the most out of each piece in a very personal way.

The gallery is committed to supporting local and international artists, and participates in a number of important art events.

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Telephone: +27 (0)11 327-3247