Markets of Johannesburg

Johannesburg Markets

Johannesburg is one of South Africa’s most vibrant hubs, and is the cultural, entertainment and shopping Mecca of the country. As such, it is home to a huge array of malls, restaurants, entertainment complexes, natural areas, historical attractions and open, rustic markets.

The Markets of Johannesburg make for a fun way to spend the day while showcasing some of the local produce and goods that characterise South Africa and its people. This gives visitors and locals the opportunity to peruse the various stalls at a relaxed pace and enjoy the colours, textures, aromas and smiling faces that identify this Rainbow Nation. The appeal of a market lies in its simple, modest style. These can be romantic, laid-back or the ideal setting for families, even with children. Visitors to Johannesburg are encouraged to visit the local markets to get the full flavour of Gauteng.

These are just some markets in Johannesburg that are recommended:

The Bryanston Organic Market

Committed to all the values of organic produce, this market is a wholesome, down-to-earth place to check out handmade goods, items made from natural materials, deli foods and naturally grown produce. This is Johannesburg’s original outdoor market and exudes a vibe of untainted goodness.

Market on Main

This market is all about the inner city lifestyle. It has wonderful exhibitions dedicated to sustainable modern living and creative spaces. These are underscored by poetry, pop art, visual innovation, comfort and design, and this market includes a pop art theatre and a cinema. This is a trendy place in which to meet with friends, stock up on the latest goods and enjoy the pleasant Jo’burg weather.

The Irene Market

On the pretty property of the Smuts House Museum, this market is great for families with children, as there is safe entertainment for little ones, a tea garden (fully licensed for older ones) and about 300 stalls. These boast a range of goods; from food and crafts to antiques and curios. There is a wonderfully inviting atmosphere about the Irene Market that continues to make it a favourite amongst locals and regular visitors alike.

The Neighbourgoods Market

Every Saturday, the irresistible vibe of this market is brought alive when local gourmet enthusiasts, designers, farmers, artisans and more converge to showcase the awesome quality of their goods and services. Come hungry and prepare to peruse the stalls for hours, discovering new little gems and classic favourites side-by-side. It is situated within a modernist building, making it a fabulous option in any kind of weather. This is a social hub as well as an excellent showcase of what South Africa has to offer.

The Rooftop Market

Having been voted Johannesburg’s best market for a full decade, the Rooftop Market is dedicated to showing off the stunning ceramics, arts, crafts, handmade goodies and clothing of this diverse continent. Foods from all over the world will keep visitors coming back for more and, with more than 600 stalls available, you are sure to have at least one full day of exploring and adventure in store at the Rooftop Market.