South Africa

South Africa by Province

South Africa by Province

The nine provinces of South Africa create a mosaic of cultures, colours, landscapes, flora, fauna and climates. This country is one of diversity, and each province, although diverse in its own rights represents a different feature of South Africa. Each is popular for its own array of attractions, and lures visitors from all over the country and the world for its unique appeal…


The capital of this province is Durban, which is known for its excellent curries and gorgeous beaches, a veritable surfing hub. KwaZulu-Natal is hot and humid, making it a beach-lover’s dream destination. There are a number of entertainment options here to cater to the many visitors. Some of the best game reserves in the country can be found in KwaZulu Natal, as well as absolutely stunning natural areas, most of which are inland, where it is a little cooler.


This is both the smallest and the most commercially and financially significant of South African provinces. It is home to Johannesburg, which is an urban hub that never sleeps and the launching pad of most international visitors’ South African experiences. Pretoria is also found here and is full of political and cultural history. Gauteng offers no shortage of things to do and see, and is a shopaholic’s Mecca.

The Western Cape

With Cape Town as its capital city, the Western Cape is one of the premier destinations of the world. It is best known for being the home of the iconic Table Mountain; Robben Island, where former-president Nelson Mandela, as well as many other political leaders, were once imprisoned; and the exquisite Cape Winelands, where some of the world’s best wines are produced. This province combines the cosmopolitan city centre of Cape Town with beautiful landscapes and scenic retreats.

The Northern Cape

Around the world, the relatively quiet province of the Northern Cape is known for its countryside’s annual explosion of bright wild flowers. Formal and informal tours of the region during this time promise breath-taking exhibitions of unadulterated natural beauty.


The tropical look and feel of Mpumalanga has earned it the status of being a very favourable destination amongst South African and international tourists alike. The natural vistas here are nothing short of breath-taking, making this the ideal destination for those that want to experience the outdoors in all their South African splendour.


On the border of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana, the hot, humid province of Limpopo is famous for its cultural history. Polokwane is the capital city. Although economically challenged, Limpopo boasts awe-inspiring vistas of mountains, valleys, and mile after endless mile of stunning bushveld, which is home to a massive array of wildlife.

The North West Province

The hot, dry province of the North West has a natural magnificence that is quite unique. Its landscapes are relatively flat, with the occasional tree dotting the grasslands. It is famous for its sunflower fields. In addition, parts of the North West province are booming urban centres that have plenty to offer in the way of entertainment.

The Free State

The spectacular farmlands of the Free State are characterised by golden fields that rise to meet the clear blue African skies. Towns are dotted far apart and the countryside is punctuated by hundreds of traditional windmills. Bloemfontein is the capital city of this province. Hot summers and cold winters make for the variety that so many tourists relish.

The Eastern Cape

Although large, this province is better known for its peaceful serenity. The warm waters of the beaches here lure upcountry visitors every summer, and the mountains and forests are great for camping. The chief urban epicentres here (Port Elizabeth and East London) are mainly industrial, but both have plenty of restaurants and dance clubs to keep the socialites busy. The world-famous Addo Elephant National Park and Shamwari Game Reserve are situated just outside of Port Elizabeth.